If you or someone you know is in danger of losing their home to foreclosure, Contact Me Today!

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Solving your

problems head-on

End Foreclosure Now! Losing your home to foreclosure doesn't have to be inevitable. You might be able to save your home and may have more options than you may realize.

We know facing foreclosure is scary.

We work closely with homeowners throughout every stage of hardship and the foreclosure process. We have a combined 33 years of real estate experience, which includes direct short sale negotiations, after the recession in 2008.

As CDPE agents, We are uniquely trained in navigating the multitude of options available to homeowners facing hardship and/or crisis.

As Florida Realtors, one of our core values is to"... preserve, protect and support private property rights and quality of life for all Floridians."

Combined, our acquired team of trusted negotiators, attorneys, title company, and mortgage brokers share over 60 years of experience handling complex hardships and every day real estate transactions.

You can trust us to be forthright and diligent in meeting your needs.

Neil Picart


Certified Distressed Property Expert



Erica Batista, P.A., REALTOR &

Certified Distressed Property Expert



"Critical thinkers find problems; creative thinkers find solutions."

Albert Einstein

What we focus on

Loan Modifications and reducing your mortgage or your changing terms

Our first priority is to keep you in your home. We will first review all the options you have to stay in your home, avoid foreclosure, and not be forced to sell or leave.

Finding Solutions and looking out for your interests

We aim to create a trusting relationship with you and a lifetime partnership in your real estate needs. It's important that we start by demonstrating this with honest conversation and our best efforts to address your concerns and future intentions.

Education and

personalized guidance

We want each of our interactions packed with empowering information that gives you the confidence to take action, helps to preserve your dignity, and gets you on the steps to a stable and peaceful life, once again.

Mortgage concept

foreclosure is a process,

not a single event.

Tony Martinez, CDPE

Our Main Services

As a Certified Distressed Property Expert, I am uniquely trained in navigating the multitude of options available to homeowners facing hardship and/or crisis.

  • Certified guidance in a FREE consultation, Your Next Steps...
  • Short Sales Packages/Application assistance
    • HOA/COA & Code Violation Negotiations
  • Effective Listing Strategies on MLS for QUICK SALES
  • Provide personalized education and information on avoiding foreclosure
  • Review options that can help you stay in your home or prevent you from being forced to sell
  • Expert referral matching to resolve mortgage issues
  • Develop an exit/relocation plan
  • Determine what assistance you may qualify for
  • Home Market Value and Equity reports
  • Determine causes of distress/hardship
  • Real Estate trends in your area
  • Get your questions answered
  • Solutions!!
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Most of your options are absolutely FREE!!

Testimonials from Clients

An honest look into how we work

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Facing losing my home, a trusted family member and real estate agent pushed me to sell. Thankfully, Erica stepped in, connecting me with crucial resources to save my childhood home. Without her intervention, I would've sold with deep regret.

- Daniela, 2021

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I am a landlord and have multiple properties. Erica and her team were able to successfully short sell one of the problematic ones, negotiate a full deficiency waiver, and get my tenants' money to relocate. I didn't have to pay for any of it.

- L. Taveras, 2017

If you or someone you know is in danger of losing their home to foreclosure, Contact Me Today!

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